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The laboratory is where important clinical laboratory tests are run. These include tests on blood, urine, feces, skin scrapings, body fluids, etc. Sophisticated laboratory equipment allows us to perform tests in minutes that otherwise could only be sent to an outside laboratory with considerable delay.


IDEXX Catalyst Dx Blood Analyzer - The Catalyst Dx is the most efficient in-house chemistry analyzer in veterinary diagnostics. This machine is capable of running multiple blood profiles from just a few cc's of blood in a few minutes. The Catalyst uses dry-slide technology, using layers to remove impurities for the most accurate results. Tests for kidney, liver, pancreas and many other body functions are easily obtained. The speed at which these results can be obtained is especially useful for pre-anesthetic screening in which patients can be evaluated for safety prior to an anesthetic procedure on the same day as the procedure.


IDEXX Lasercyte Analyzer - The Lasercyte produces automated blood counts which are useful in determining the presence of anemia, infection, dehydration and other blood cell abnormalities.


Heartworm testing - Heartworm is a blood parasite that affects dogs and occasionally cats. The parasite is spread by mosquitos and develops into large worms in the heart which can be fatal. Because an infected pet can carry the parasite for up to a year with no symptoms, it is necessary to check for heartworm by way of a blood test. An annual blood test is required even if heartworm preventative medication is given continuously.

Fecal testing - Common parasites of dogs and cats are roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms. Pets may have intestinal worms yet show no external symptoms. The only way to detect these parasites is through a microscopic fecal examination which looks for eggs that are produced by the worms. Once detected, appropriate therapy will eliminate the worms.

Urinalysis - Important diagnostic information can be obtained through testing of the urine. Urinary tract infections, diabetes, kidney and liver disorders among others can be detected.

Skin scrapings, cytology and fluid analysis - Information concerning specific disease conditions may be determined by obtaining samples and examining them microscopically. It may be possible to determine in-house, types of skin parasites, tumors or abnormal fluid accumulations.

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