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Your pet's teeth get decayed just like yours can. Additionally, your pet may suffer from gum disease and other teeth and gum issues. While you may not care about how your pet's teeth look, oral health issues can cause your pet discomfort and may even affect his or her nutrition if he or she isn't eating well as a result of the pain. Our doctors at Acacia Pet Clinic, offer services to prevent and correct oral health problems.

Importance of Pet Oral Health 

The oral health of your pet is important because tooth or gum problems can cause him or her pain. For instance, if your pet has a broken tooth, he or she may suffer from pain. Gum disease could cause your pet pain as well. In order to prevent this, your pet may avoid eating or limit his or her food consumption, which could lead to a nutritional deficiency.

Common Oral Health Problems in Pets

The most common oral health problem in pets is gum disease, an oral issue that occurs as a result of bacteria under the gum line that causes inflammation. While it's possible for a pet to have a cavity, it's not nearly as common of a problem in pets as people. Your pet could have a damaged tooth or suffer from an abscess or infected tooth. Your pet could have a misalignment, missing teeth, or a tumor or cyst.

Oral Health Problems Our Doctors Screen for

At Acacia Pet Clinic we screen your pet for gum disease, especially if you notice your pet has foul breath or bleeding gums. During your pet's exam, our veterinarian looks for broken or cracked teeth. The screening also evaluates your pet's teeth for plaque buildup as well as retained baby teeth. In order to perform the screening process, our vet performs a visual analysis of the inside of your pet's mouth. Additionally, our veterinarian may conduct imaging to look underneath your pet's gum line and inside of your pet's teeth.

How Our Vet Can Help

We offer routine cleanings to prevent decay and gum disease. If your pet does have an oral health issue, we can help him or her at our animal hospital. For instance, if your pet has a broken tooth, our veterinarian may need to remove it. If your pet has gum disease, our vet will perform a deep cleaning on the teeth and underneath the gum line.

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