Pet Wellness Exams

The Role of Wellness Exams in Maintaining Your Pet's Health

Few pet owners have the medical training to diagnose pet illnesses and diseases. For this reason, it's important to take your pet to the vet. Your San Jose veterinarian can detect diseases in their early stages during an annual wellness exam. Early detection and treatment can protect your pet’s health. If you live in San Jose or South Bay, CA, you can bring your pet to Acacia Pet Clinic for his annual wellness exams. 

Maintaining Your Pet's Health

Wellness Exams: Luxury or Need?

Your pet’s health is one of his greatest assets. Regular checkups from your vet can help keep your pet healthy throughout his life. If your pet develops a health problem or disease that puts his life at risk, it will show up during his annual exam, enabling him to get the treatment he needs right away. Early treatment from Acacia Pet Clinic could save your pet’s life. Our goal is to maintain the health and wellness of your pet. Annual wellness exams help us accomplish this goal.

What to Expect from a Wellness Exam

Your pet's wellness exam will begin with a review of your pet’s medical history and an update on his current health. Then our veterinarian will examine your pet. We’ll inspect your pet’s eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and teeth for signs of problems or disease. We’ll check your pet’s heart rate, listen to his lungs, examine his lymph nodes and evaluate his joints. We’ll examine his skin and fur for signs of parasites. If your pet needs vaccinations, we’ll give him his booster shots.  

If your pet shows signs of major health problems, our animal hospital will follow up with lab tests or x-rays to verify a diagnosis. By taking this extra step, we can provide you with an accurate picture of your pet’s health.

What Happens After a Wellness Exam

Depending on our vet’s findings, we’ll recommend treatment to improve your pet’s health. Treatment could include:

    • dietary changes to adjust his weight or improve his health
    • exercise plan to strengthen muscles, joints, and bones
    • medications to treat health issues
    • pain management
    • nutritional counseling
    • parasite control
    • soft tissue surgeries
    • dental cleaning/surgeries and more  

By being consistent with your pet’s care, you can help him enjoy better health. Our animal hospital offers comprehensive wellness exams for every stage of your pet's life. As senior pets are more susceptible to health problems, they should be checked twice a year to monitor their health.

Schedule a Wellness Exam At Acacia Pet Clinic in San Jose, CA!

If your pet is due for a wellness exam, call Acacia Pet Clinic today. For your convenience, we serve the San Jose and South Bay, CA, area. Schedule your appointment by calling (408) 264-6354.

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